Top 5: David Bowie Albums

    Top 5: David Bowie Albums
    I know there's about a million people writing about David Bowie today but I'm a huge fan and this is something I wanted to talk about.

    After being away for a decade Bowie has returned with a brand new single and a date set for his new album, 'The Next Day'. All of this on the day of his 66th birthday. What could be a better start to 2013 for a Bowie fan?

    I really like the new track, I think his voice sounds really older, warm and full of experience. My main problem with his most recent releases was the sound of his voice, which was kind of overblown and seemed to have lost some of its character. For me this track shows potential for the next stage of his career. It's a very intimate affair where Bowie reminisces about his time in Germany where he's famed for doing some of his best work (although the 'Berlin Trilogy' was not actually completed in Berlin).

    The news of a new Bowie album will spark a lot of interest into his older work. I'm guessing we'll see a lot of "best-ofs" on TV and media who normally only seem to focus on his very early career. It would also be nice to see his later work highlighted.

    In no particular order here are my top five David Bowie albums.

    Low (1977)

    This is album number one in the 'Berlin Trilogy' as well as the first collaboration with Brian Eno. Standout tracks - Sound and Vision and A New Career in a New Town .

    Heroes (1977)

    The second album of the trilogy is also a collaboration with Brian Eno. Standout tracks - Joe the Lion and Heroes .

    Lodger (1979)

    Third and last in the 'Berlin Trilogy', this is his final collaboration with Brian Eno. Standout tracks - Fantastic Voyage and Look Back in Anger .

    Station to Station (1976)

    This was a notable release in the 'Thin White Duke' era of his career. Standout tracks - Station to Station , Word On A Wing .

    Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (1980)

    Breaking out of the 70s this was his first album following the 'Berlin Trilogy'. Standout tracks - Ashes to Ashes , Fashion

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