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    The work of Liverpool visual artist Benjamin Power has been showcased at live events including Destination:Boss and NewPath, providing a stunning backdrop to the bands performing on stage. His unique style provides an exciting visual accompaniment to the music. We decided to get to know the artist a little better with some simple questions...

    What is your favourite venue in Liverpool?

    I really like MelloMello for its normalcy and laid-back mentality. Obviously Kazimier is a great venue to play both as an artist and a punter. Also, the Camp And Furnace for its size and possibilities, plus the fire is nice.

    What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to choosing visuals for an artist?

    I will sit and listen to an artist's music and write down how each song makes me feel and the types of images they invoke. I am very political and like to try and convey messages with the visuals, hence videos of protests for the band MinionTV.

    I also really like silent films and forward thinking cinema from the early 1900s. I’m always buying new DVDs from the British Film Institute. Old film is amazing for cutting up and taking stuff from because of the long edits they used to create emotion, that's something that's lost in new films with energetic over editing of everything. I also like close ups of characters' expressions, especially their eyes - that's what film needs.

    Although, without sounding too pretentious, the biggest influence for me and I reckon for most other artists is my mind.

    What is your perfect visual set-up for a gig?

    It depends on the gig as well as my relationship with digital equipment and computers at the time. If we’re getting along then I would have to go with two 12 core Mac Pro’s each with two 3.06 GHz processors, 64Gb ram, solid state hard drives and two graphics cards. I would run Max MSP via Syphon into VDMX as the main output. It depends on the number of projectors but I would definitely have a couple of Triple Head2Go’s to get more outputs. Projectors would have to be Christie with a variety of lenses.

    If I was going to edge more toward an analog style setup, I would be raiding ebay for a couple of months to find projectors and old film to splice and experiment with.

    What else apart from visuals do you do?

    I make really crap experimental music but my main thing is DJing. I first started messing round with vinyl when I was about 12/13 recording little bits of different tracks to cassette. I was just fascinated by changing the playback speed and listening to squeaky voices. The first vinyl I ever played with and scratched was a Genesis record.

    Who would you most like to do visuals for?

    I always liked the idea of working with Bjork because of how eccentric she is and how experimental her live setups can get, like when she started using the Reactable a couple of years ago on stage. 

    I like working with the bands that play at NewPath because the music says so much to the individual and is completely open to visual interpretation.

    Also I think I would like to do something for a Justin Beiber gig, just to make him look like a whopper. Probably just throw a load of videos of beavers on.

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