Gear Up! : Simon Monkhouse, Drummer of MINIONTV


    Gear Up! : Simon Monkhouse, Drummer of MINONTV

    Everyone builds a brand loyalty over the years to something, be it Pepsi or Coke, PC or Mac, Daddy or Chips, and cymbals are no exception. For me, I have always loved Zildjians, they just sound right to my ears. Many people will disagree, preferring the sound of Sabian or Paiste, and they are mighty fine cymbals, but over the years I have just enjoyed playing Zildjians. The K Dark and Custom Hybrids are lovely articulate cymbals with a sweet swish to their sound. The A Custom Rezo I use sounds massive and warm, and plays off nicely against the dryness of the Ks. The very loud Quickbeat high-hats are great live, but can prove to be a massive pain when recording.

    The kit I use is a trusty old Pearl Export that I’ve owned for over 10 years which was a gift bought for me by my lovely other half, Saz, for my Birthday. It’s still in mint condition and if skinned and tuned well, like all Exports, will always sound great. For many reasons I love this kit – and frankly it means too much to me to replace until I finally pummel it into submission. I’ve found that the Evans G2 Coated batter heads work a treat, with the double ply killing any over-ring and letting the note of the drum really come out. I use Evans G1 Clears as resonant on the toms for that extra bit of control over the sound.

    After trying several different heads on the Kick Drum, I found that the Evans EMAD with the larger foam damper gives the best kick-note for me. It really lets you get the bottom end out of the drum but still keeps a tuneful tone to it.

    The Snare drum I currently use is a Pearl Masters Birch 14”x5.5”. I love it!! It’s so loud and the Birch gives it a focused and EQ’d sound. To get the best out of it I use an Evans HD Dry batter head, the one with the little holes around the edge. This really brings the woodiness out in the drum and adds a satisfying crack to the note!

    That’s the bulk of my gear. Other stuff I use is a Pearl Demon Drive single pedal. The funkiest looking and smoothest kick pedal I have ever used. I use ProMark Neil Peart signature sticks. These are made from Japanese Oak, roughly a 5A but taper to the tip a little later and are slightly longer. I sit on a Pearl Roadster Pro throne; Memory Foam; enough said. Oh and something that should be in every drummer’s stick-bag… an Evans Torque Key, an absolute feckin’ godsend if there ever was one!


    Pearl Export Shell Pack, 22 Kick, 13” & 14” Rack
    Toms, 2 x 16” Floor Toms 

    Pearl Masters Premium Birch 14”x5.5” Snare

    Pearl Demon Drive Kick Pedal
    ProMark Neil Peart Signature sticks
    Evans HD Dry Snare Skin (Batter)
    Evans 500 (Snare Side)
    Evans G2 Coated Tom Skins (Batter)
    Evans G1 Clear (Resonant)
    Evans EMAD Kick Skin
    Pearl Roadster-Pro throne
    Ahead Custom Moulded Earplugs

    Drum Cymbals (All Zildjian) Percussion

    10” A Custom Splash
    11” Oriental Trash Splash
    14” A Quickbeat Hi-Hats
    16” K Custom Hybrid Crash (now replaced with
    16” K Dark Thin Crash)
    18” Oriental Trash Splash
    19” K Custom Hybrid Crash
    20” A Custom Rezo Crash
    20” Z Custom Ride

    LP Percussion Block
    Rhythmtech Ribbon Crasher
    Pearl Kit Tambourine
    Pearl Cowbell

    Simon Monkhouse (MINIONTV)

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